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Some websites require passing a CAPTCHA to access their content. There are some serious arguments that no Captcha system does not bring anything BIG and just simplifies the front-end for the end user – effectively keeps a whitelist track of a good behaviour non-spam activity history from a user/device/account/IP address, which are recorded and stored inside Cookies, Sessions and private database records on Google servers.

ShortTask’s parent company, Career Mission, is one of the largest career companies in the world.ShortTask has over 125,000 workers in its database who are ready to complete tasks (solvers”).ShortTask has over 5,000 employers in its database regularly assigning work (seekers”).Over 1,000,000 tasks have been completed on ShortTask since it July, 2009, ShortTask was featured on Attack of the Show as one the most effective money- making portals out there.

The term CAPTCHA was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford from Carnegie Mellon University 1. CAPTCHAs 2 are automated tests designed to tell computers and humans apart by presenting users with a problem that humans can solve but current computer programs cannot yet 1. They are frequently used to prevent automated abusing of online services and secure different applications, such as preventing bots from voting continuously in online polls, automatically registering of millions of spam email accounts, automatically purchasing tickets to buy out an event, etc.

Even setting the sample CAPTCHAS in Klingon – a language readable by so few people on earth that the scientists thought they could use it as a control in their experiment – wasn’t enough to stop ImageToText, whose workers managed to solve a handful of these CAPTCHAS despite odds of less than one in one thousand of their randomly getting the right answer.

Like the President of the U.S.A. (by analogy with President of the Web) it has its enemies but has also to deal with the enemies of its friends (not sure the comparison will remain valid with the new US presidency) and therefor, given this how to remove captcha genuine vocation, that to point evil and to glorify the good, the company inevitably faces the terrible dilemma which is to choose between doing nothing and struggling for the safety of each and one of us should it cost our privacy.captcha breaker recaptchabypass captcha